Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to Kill a Sunday

Just a quick note. Today is Sunday. I took Mom, Jessica, and Tiffany out on the Grand Turk Divers dive boat to snorkel on the wall. We were on board with Joanne, not that that matters, but she did say there are online promos of the television morning show which which filmed Lucas, Martin, and I diving in August. There will also be footage of my tour of the historic houses along Duke Street in Grand Turk.

Mom did not get in to snorkel. She said she was happy to swim closer to shore where she could see land and touch the bottom.

After diving we had lunch at the SandBar, one of the greatest beach bars of all time. Seems like an easy day. We are all exhausted from our boat trip. After lunch we came home a napped watching football. OK, thats about it. 5 1/2 hours of the day shot.

It has been very hot here this month. This week it reached 102 degrees. Today was no exception. The sun has just gone down. It is evening. I am still sweating.

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