Monday, February 7, 2011

Well, Feels Just Like....

I drove into El Centro this morning to take care of some business. Into the big city. Got coffee. Went to the Do It Center. Went to the big grocery store.

I thought there was a US Bank here, but I must have seen that in San Diego. Now I have some issues to resolve.

I bought some fruit, a bunch of juice, beans, and tortillas. It is interesting to me the difference in food ways from place to place. There were almost no cans of beans at Walmart, but there was an entire isle of dried beans. They must not use canned beans along the border. Last night I ate dinner with my new friend Jimmy. He had frozen tamales that he buys from someone in Mexico. They were the best tamales I have ever eaten.

Avocados "from Mexico" were .48 cents each. This is as cheap as I have ever seen an avocado. Mangoes were the cheapest thing on Grand Turk. We ate them all the time. I think in Ohio you can get a pickup load of corn for a nickel.

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