Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hurray for FedEx

Hurray! When I left Ohio two weeks ago and came back to Grand Turk, I accidentally left the charger to my laptop. Well, $126 later Fed Ex brought it to my door.

I find it hard to believe that Aaron was here for 10 days and now he left one week ago. I did not write a single blog about his visit.

The weather was awful his whole week here. This was probably good, because we just worked all the time. It has been a week and we are still not cleaned up from his visit. We got about 80% of the trim up in the house and about 90% of the shelving up in the museum.

I was hoping his visit would have been more eventful. Though I think we tried to make the most of it. He did get in the water to snorkel his first day here. He says he saw a shark...but no one else saw it. I have been snorkeling here now maybe 200 times and have only seen a shark once. Someone asked what kind of shark he saw...I said it was probably a parrot fish shark.

I think we went snorkeling four times - twice at our beach, once in front of the museum, and then down at the White Sands reef the day he flew out. We also ate hamburgers with the Harrisons when they were in for the week. That was actually really cool. The next night we ate dinner at the Bohio with the Harrisons.

Other than that we worked. And we have been painting everyday since. Here are a couple pictures of Aaron working with Joseph and Raphael, all posing like they are actually working.

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