Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Water, Water, Everywhere

Last night was the first storm we have had since last September. I know we have had rain, and it has gotten really windy on occasion, but last night we had thunder storms for about three hours. You quickly forget what this is like. Then again, this storm was not bad, by any means.

With the new roof system, our house is very different that it was last year. In the past, when it rained, it sounded like a train coming through the house. This was because all we had was a thin sheet of zinc on the roof. Now, with the plywood and metal roof, you barely notice.

On the drive in to town today, it was obvious that it has been dry for a long time. Everywhere there is a build up orf mud across the streets where runoff carried soil away. In many yards there is standing water. There are 11 days left until hurricane season, but evidently the rainy season has already begun. This also means mosquito season.

We had gutters installed on our roof last week. Yesterday afternoon, we had just over two feet of water left in the cistern. This morning, we have over six feet.

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