Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nikki Beach

Here is Davis playing volleyball pool side at Nikki Beach. And one of Deneen watching.

The whole idea of staying here has worked out great. When I picked Deneen up at the airport I told them we were going to the only hotel I could afford. She said later she was picturing cockroaches everywhere. When we arrived at Nikki Beach Davis said, "Please tell me this is our hotel." They were totally surprised. Today, Deneen commented that this was a surprise that she really needed.

We were going to drive around and look at Provo today, but Nikki Beach is so nice that we spent the whole day by the pool. We ate the brunch buffet for lunch. When I asked about the price, the hostess said, "fifteen ninety if you are staying at the hotel, fourteen ninety if you are local."

When I received the bill I actually saw that she had said, "fifty nine if you are staying at the hotel and forty nine if you are local."

There was a lot here lost in the translation. But as Deneen said while we were eating, "everything I have had has been excellent."

I have heard that Nikki Beach has one of the best chefs on the island. What I noted is that the salads were incredible. There was a pickle onion salad that was crazy. They also have a wood-fired oven as a feature here. Tonight I think we will eat light and just get a wood fired pizza.

When I checked in, the manager told me that 40% of the guests here increase the length of their stay. Maybe tomorrow we will drive around Provo. Maybe...

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