Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Carpet

When people think there is not much work done in the Caribbean it is because they don't see days like today.

I have not had anything cool to blog about this week. It has just been a lot of work. I have finished the outline proposal for a small exhibit for the Provo building. I am in the middle of finalizing the Salinas kiosk panels finally, and today we installed carpet in the classroom.

When I say we installed carpet...

It is now 10:30 and Joseph is just cleaning up. We had 2x2 carpet squares shipped here in February. I just got the pressure sensitive glue shipped down last week. Today Joseph and Raphael painted the classroom and this afternoon and evening the three of us installed the squares.

I told them that in the states I would have a carpet company install them so I could get a guarantee that they would look perfect. Well, there is no carpet company here, and anyone who would do the work would not have any kind of guarantee. So, I said we might as well do it ourselves. This was the first carpet Raphael had ever seen installed, and he did most of the work.

The bummer of the day is it took a third more glue than the manufacturer in Miami said it would, and I have to ship more glue in order to complete the offices.

Too bad there isn't a guarantee on that. Shipping cost as much as the glue last week.

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