Saturday, June 6, 2009

Life After Dinah Redux

Well, it was a bust. Friday night was spent making a bed until 11:30. When I say making a bed, I mean I physically built a headboard to go on Martin's bed.

We had to clean the shop before Aaron came down. Before that it was storage. Now it is a workable shop again so I have been doing several projects that had gotten put off.

You can not really get good hard woods here. When I first came I took apart an oak dining table and rebuilt it into our sink cabinet. This headboard I made "rustic" out of pressure treated 1x4s. When Sherlin came into the museum today he looked at it and said, "Ey, you making Turks Island furniture."

The other tragedy this week is the Xbox won't come on.

Denzel and I have been playing Halo every evening. This is a bummer of such proportions that I can not fathom the repercussions.

A couple days ago I pulled something in my shoulder. I put hot water in the tub to soak it. I felt so guilty about the conspicuous consumption of the water that I left it and have used the water in the tub to bath in three additional times.

Evidently I'm fine with that. But living here without the Xbox is untenable.

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