Sunday, June 7, 2009

Signs of Progress Being Made

I put in seven hours of work on Sunday. Sherlin came in and we are working on a new sign package for the museum. This last week we have been trying to develop my engaging signage so that the Carnival cruise ships tours are easier for staff to do well. We have designed a series of large signs that give a one sentence overview and then pose a question. This way tour guides can just read the sign and ask the question - in order to be more engaging. Our tests went very well.

But in putting these signs together I had the brilliant idea to do a second and then third series of signs that focus on providing a better interpretation for the casual visitor. Basically, we have been postulating that if you are only going to read one sign in each gallery, what sign do we want you to read. We have created visual cues for that sign, enlarged it, and have made the copy more inviting. The problem is trying to find all the info and images that were used to make the exhibit 20 years ago in this cluttered garage-version of a storage area I have. But a few minutes ago I found what we needed. We have this weekend to finish - there will be a cruise ship in at 7:00am tomorrow morning.

Raphael came in a few minutes ago in his Lakers jersey to remind me that the second Lakers/Orlando game starts at 7:00 and he was ready to go to the house. So I guess I am watching basketball again tonight.

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