Friday, February 26, 2010

Galleries, Grants, Awards,

This week has been crazy. We have had two 12 hour days at the museum. Between Jess, Rory, and I we have put in 175 hours this week. That is no lie.

On Monday I was in Provo all day. Flew over on the 8:30 flight, came back on the 7:30 flight. Tuesday, we had an evening event at the museum. On Wednesday the Endangered Archives Grant from the British Library was due. On Thursday, we had to finish the script, artifact selection, and printing for the Island Wise case exhibit, and we also began work on the AASLH Award of Merit nomination that is due on Monday. In the evening we entertained guests at the Bohio. On Friday we had to confirm that our referee letters had been sent to the British Library and had to complete the award nomination. Between all the work, we have had seven ships in this week.

No break for the weekend. On Saturday we have a children's club program with Lucayan archaeology. Rory will do this. Right before he gets on a plane to leave. Just like Dinah, just like Tiffany, just like Jessica the first time, volunteers work right up to the minute they leave. We did not even get to swim today, as I had promised Rory.

Then Saturday afternoon we will have to print and package the award nomination.

Maybe Sunday we will get a day off.

Or maybe we will just clean the house now that Rory will be gone, and get ready for March.

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