Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Sucks

Just another day here. I fixed Davis's old bike. Now I have to figure out someone to give it to. This is one of the strang things about being here. No one has ridden the bike for a year. And Davis is way to big for it. But giving it away somehow feels like giving a part of Davis away. I don't want to keep it though, because it is just junking up the porch.

We have archaeologists coming in today. So mostly I have been cleaning the house and getting another room set up for guests.

It is interesting living with people who write. I found a journal that Dinah wrote during her first week here. I am sure she never meant for anyone to read it, but it was in the bookcase. It made me very sad. Her first week here was very difficult. she hid this very well.

Jessica has been keeping a blog for her family and friends. This is interesting because again, it is the thoughts and reflections of someone you spend the day with, but don't really know what they are thinking. I read through it today. It is at:

It is interesting to see what it is like to live with me from someone else's perspective. Kind of surreal. Don't talk about anything. Just read about it later.

The other day we had a huge household discussion about the use of capitalization. I am sure I blogged about this already, but I was thinking about it again. Most people would find this absolutely boring and ridiculous. But I find myself living in a house with people that are incredibly gifted and interesting...if just to me. The down side: everyone is on their computers writing, like all the time. That is also kind of surreal and crazy. We are living in this amazing place, but instead of really living we just spend all our time writing. OK, we spend our evenings writing.

Today, Betsy Carlson came into Grand Turk. She has written almost everything I have read about the Lucayans, who were the aboriginal peoples of the Turks and Caicos Islands. I met her this afternoon. She seems just like a normal person. Just another writer that I will live with for a while. Well, just like a normal person except that I think we are going to be working every waking moment. So, to me, I guess a normal person.


Dinah said...

I probably didn't mean for anyone to read it...yet you did. The first week was hard but I don't even remember what I wrote in that journal-must not have been that big a deal.

Neal Hitch said...

OK, I guess I should have said, I assume it was Dinah's journal. It never actually says this anywhere. I thought it was either Martin's or Lucas's. It was written really, really well, though. And was in fact captivating. That was until I got to the crying part.

Dinah said...

Oh yes...wait, I was crying or you were crying?