Friday, February 12, 2010

Private Party

I am going to tell two stories. One is a professional story and one is a personal story. If this was a script for a movie it would be the two sides of the same story. And it would be funny with a touching ending about how the protagonist came out looking like a hero.

Story one...

Well, after more than two years it is still crazy here. For any possible future employers, what I mean by crazy is exactly as planned and performed.

Last night we hosted a private party for some very special friends of the museum who brought some friends who included a former CEO of of BMW, a former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve, and the Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The most impressive thing about the evening; the jerk chicken.

After being very disappointed with this same event two years ago, this year the museum did our own catering. Rather than spend all the money on hiring a local caterer, who did not really care about the quality of the event, we bought supplies and cooked everything ourselves. We had traditional local dishes of jerk chicken, BBQ chicken, peas and rice, and a very special dish of ginger and garlic lionfish. The evening involved tours of the museum, tours of the conservation lab, and a set of acoustic reggae music.

The event was amazing. It was fun, but we were able to express some issues in an nonthreatening venue. Especially with the lionfish, an invasive species that is killing our reefs. I think the message was discussed in a way that was very palatable.

Story two...

Deneen called today to say she had to take something to the PTA meeting at Ft Hayes last night. She took a bag of soup she bought at Gordon Food Service. She said that everyone complimented her on her cooking. She did not say a thing.

When I think about this story, I think that this is what I love the most about my wife. She has the ability to take care of things. But she takes care of them in a way that works out for everyone. I say all the time that I did not marry her because she could cook, which is still totally true. But I did marry her because she has the skills to get through the type of situation we have found ourselves in since Hurricane Ike. And that is what I love the most.

Did I already say this? Last night I catered an event for the governor!

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Mark Dempsey said...

Dr. Hitch,

Congratulations on your successful party and thanks for the kind mention in your post. We occassionaly share our customer's successes in advertisements, if you're open to that would you kindly send me your email address?

I enjoyed reading some of your recent posts.

Best Regards,
Mark Dempsey
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