Monday, March 22, 2010

Jamey's Comment

I had a good day today. Was it the swimming in the Margarittaville pool? Or the snorkeling out to the Oasis BioRock? Or getting caught in the current and coming out on the beach way down by Jack's Shack? Or the confirmation that we will be doing the SeaDoo Adventure and Snorkel Excursion tomorrow because of that? Or the unbelievable BBQ we had tonight?

How about because we had four cruise excursion tours today. Or that I completed the CAD drawings of the "armory" at Ft. George Cay.

No, in fact it was something very simple. A discussion if you will, at lunch, while trying to order nachos without cheese sauce, which did not work out. OK, here is the
play by play:

"So, you and Jamey are brothers," Says Dave. "I know how old he is," he continues.

"Yea," Say I, with a curious raise of my brow.

"You must be...35?"

"Exactly!" I agree. "Jamey was always a little older and a little wiser. But, that's why he is where he is and that's why I am where I am. But I guess I can live with that."


So, I guess I got that going for me.


bryanhitch said...

That's just crazy talk. Nobody with good vision would think you are younger than Jamey. And your mother was reading that over my shoulder and said "Liar, liar, pants on fire!" So, you also have that going for you.

Neal Hitch said...

Now, what is funny (read the next blog) is that I almost told them that if they thought I was the youngest, then they should meet my Dad who lives in California.