Monday, March 1, 2010

Work, Work, Work, Work

Did I not already write this blog?

Jessica "spoke" to me today. It seems that we have been working too much.

"I am not a work-a-holic," say I. "I am a goal achiever!"

This week, among everything else we do in a normal week, we had the Endangered Archives grant due to the British Library, as well as the AASLH award nomination for the book Where is Simon, Sandy?

We worked all day on Saturday with a Children's Club program and with the nomination. On Sunday we were only going to work until 3:00, but we left at 7:30.

Today, we finished the AASLH nomination, at the last minute I must add, and got it to Fed Ex. On top of this stress, now that Rory is gone, Jess did four tours off the Holland America Eurodam and ran the after school homework program for nine students, which was three too many.

Donna Seim, the author who wrote Where is Simon, Sandy?, flew into Grand Turk last night. We ran into her at the Osprey. Today, she came over to the museum and helped us get the AASLH award nomination together. I am very hopeful we will win. Check out Donna's website at

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