Thursday, September 15, 2016

Day 31

Today is day 31. I have come into the museum every day for the last month. Working usually ten hours a day. The first couple weeks were about figuring out the building after it has been closed for nine months. We have had a fire inspection, fire alarm inspection, boiler inspection, backflow preventer inspection, a leaky toilet fixed, keys to locked doors found, Also, I had to figure out the gift shop and point of purchase procedures.

The day after my plane arrived a fog rolled in and no planes landed for the next three days. The transition team that was supposed to complete my on-boarding did not arrive. On day two we had 159 cruise ship guests and sold $619.25 out of the gift shop. I did not record the sales. On day five we had 621 cruise ship passengers in about three hours and sold $2,269.30 out of the gift shop. I recorded everything down on a yellow legal pad as it sold. The bookkeeper just now figured out that mess and reconciled the deposit this week. In the 31 days we have been trying to make due with no system and no staff in place, we were only off by $4.25. Probably a note card. We now have the point of purchase system figured out and I am training people on it.

The second two weeks have been about figuring out direction. I hired the first staff person, a part-time visitor services representative. I have written and advertised the Collections Manager position. I have also re-written the Experimental Programs Intern position I developed at IVDM. These jobs have been posted on the Job Board at the Western Museum Association website.

I extended the lease on the unfurnished apartment. This will allow me to house the education intern. With no car here, I walk 2.5 miles to work and 2.5 miles home. It rains here everyday, so one of those walks is usually in the rain. And this week I gave myself a haircut. It does not look bad because my phone is so crappy.

On the flip side, I have gotten to see two football games. Though not Ohio State football, and Monday Night football starts here at 4:30PM, so I have to leave early from the museum to catch a game - but the one hotel is next door so its not much of a walk.  


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