Friday, September 16, 2016

No Senior Discount?

This week we hosted a large cruise ship with 2500 passengers on board. About 500 visitors came through the museum in just a couple hours. I am going to guess that 75% of the people coming up to the front desk asked if we had a senior discount. At first I just said no, but that did not get a very good response. So, I stated saying, "Everyone who comes to this museum is a senior, so $7.00 IS the discount." This generally got a chuckle instead of a sneer. I also noticed that Kayla, our new visitor services rep started saying it, too. It was effective.

Yesterday, Kayla was Googling definitions and found this.

Come on! Even Google? The definition is literally "senior citizens are admitted free to the museum."

As if it was not hard enough already to keep our museums funded and going. I wish I had a little Google money to cover all those free admissions.

Well, given this interpretation of the definition, I wanted to post a sign saying "No seniors admitted."

But everyone else thought this was a really, really bad idea. Now I am thinking about raising our admission price. Then I can afford to give a senior discount.

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