Monday, February 2, 2009

Believing in Someone

This weekend has been so busy. The after school homework program has just finished and everyone is sitting here wanting to go home. I will write just a quick note as I am reminded of something cool that happened today.

Raphael and I were trying to fix an air conditioning unit today. He started telling me that I need to be careful of some of the young men who came to the after school homework program. Raphael says that, "They are bad and will teaf (the local word for stealing) things."

I asked Raphael why he never steals anything.

"I would never steal from someone who believes in me."

This is not exactly the answer I was expecting.

"You leave me in your house. You ask me to help at the museum. I would never want to steal because you believe in me."

What does that mean? I told Raphael that he was right. I do believe in him. I believe that he and Joseph are different than many people I have met. They are honest and can be trusted. I believe they can become anything they want to become. They just need support and opportunity.

I told Raphael that what the world needs is more men who will be honest and trustworthy. If that's who he wants to be than he has all the support I can give him.

On Saturday morning I got a call from Joseph. He needed me to pick him up at the hospital and take him to church. I was kind of put out in my mind, I had things I was doing on Saturday. But I drove over to the hospital. He was there with a friend who had twisted his ankle playing basketball and could not walk. Why is Joseph always the one who is walking someone to the hospital? This just drives me crazy.

It was not lost on me today that the jobs I provide also provide stability for two young men. What I do to help and support Joseph or Raphael is actually very small. But I am coming to believe that it is in the small things where we make a difference.
These are young men who provide stability in their community. They are very successful in their world. They are the difference makers to the people around them.

Isn't that something you should believe in?

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