Monday, February 16, 2009

Dinner With Friends

We are starting a new program. I want to invite someone over for dinner once a week and I want to get an invite to dinner every Monday. Getting an invite to dinner really requires Dinah or Leah to get us an invite to dinner. We will see how it goes.

The first Monday not so great. But on Tuesday we were invited over to Blue Water Divers for chicken wings. Wes and Jesse were putting together a small dinner party.

With Dinah and Leah here we often talk about our multi-cultural travel experiences. Dinah spent a semester in China. Leah has just returned from Nairobi and was in Norway before coming to Grand Turk. The daily experience on Grand Turk is very multi-cultural. Dinner was with several of our friends. But when you look deeper, they are a real mix of people. Jesse is Canadian, Katja and David are from Switzerland, Mario is from Columbia. Wes, he is just from Seattle, but he plays the sax. I told Leah that she had to choose someone from this crowd to invite to dinner on Wednesday.


Leah has been trying to find Indian food here, but it does not exactly work like that. You don't find the food. The food finds you. So, she printed a curried ginger and coconut soup recipe off the internet and this week we tried to find ways to make it work.

We have Jamaican curry. Not exactly what it calls for but close. Ginger; check. Onions; check. Coriander; probably not. Sesame oil; we have olive oil. Coconut cream; well actually we found some at the Dominican store.

Chicken broth was a tough one. On Wednesday I put on a whole chicken in the crock pot so that we would have broth. We also would have a lot of chicken. But Leah had decided that no one at dinner on Tuesday had made the cut.

On Wednesday night, just as we were leaving the museum, we ran into three young people who are here doing roof with the Bahamas Methodist Habitat. Ah, dinner invites.

We had a very nice evening with Abraham, Leia, and Emily. They are leaving on Tuesday so they invited us to get pizza on Monday night. See how this is working?

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