Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Diving Cage

Last week I assisted with the move of a new BioRock cage structure to replace one that collapsed during the hurricane. It is not a great story. Just a great picture that was emailed to me today. This is six of us carrying a welded metal structure. It took about 20 minutes to walk the cage out and put it in place. I am the second diver on the right.

Today, I am in Provo preparing for the mural project here next week. I have become a fundraiser. You get to see all of the fund stuff. But like the story above, you get the best 20 minutes of my 10 hour day. My day today was filled with meeting after meeting promoting our projects, trying to build consensus, and putting our needs into peoples ears.

It is 6:08pm. I am waiting on the flight back to Grand Turk. This is now going on 10 hours today. I have had eight meeting today. I have showed the new water color painting to six VIPs. I have sat with the editor of the Times of the Islands to make sure that the Astrolabe articles were in order. I gave an interview for the newspaper. And met with the Minister of Education about a National Environmental Art contest I am promoting. Oh, this was after a 30 minute discussion of Great Sand Cay and teh Endymion Wreck with the Assistant Director of the DECR on the flight over here.

PS - Read with your heart not your eyes.

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