Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Picked a Bad Week to Stop Sniffin Glue

I lost my wallet this week. This has been absolutely miserable. I had both driver's licenses and all my credit cards in my wallet. This now seems like a mistake to have them all together. Not that it matters here, but not having credit cards would make it extremely hard to get back to the states.

I remember having it Saturday evening when I took it out and realized I did not have any money to pay for ice cream. Leah only had two dollars in her pocket. Unfortunately for everyone but me, I had ordered first and was already eating two dollars worth of chocolate ice cream. I had to ride in the back of the pickup on top of scaffolding. I was sure that my wallet fell out of my pocket soemwhere between Cool Beans and home.

Losing your wallet here stinks. Losing it at home is bad, but here I can't cancel my cards and have new ones sent to me right away. I spent Sunday looking everywhere for the wallet. I could not find it anywhere. But this figures, as it capped off a weekend that did not need more capping off.

Friday morning I came to work in the best of moods. I received a call at 8:30 that our container of hurricane fix up stuff had finally arrived and been cleared through customs.

When I arrived at the museum I discovered that we were having water pump problems again. This has been going on all week. it requires someone to go into the pump house and knock the relay so that the pump resets.

The last time this was done, however, whoever reset the pump spilled a gallon of red roof paint in the pump room and then proceeded to walk through the red paint. Then they walked all over the concrete pad where the AC pumps sit. Then they walked down the path to the museum. They evidently then walked into the museum. After this they saw their mistake and tried to clean the red paint off of the museum carpet with gasoline. Well, at least this was not just minutes before cruise ship tours were scheduled to come. Oh, sorry, yes it was.

When the day finally ended, I was looking forward to a relaxing late evening dive. We were in the boat and on the Library dive site by 5:00pm and in the water by 5:05. The dive started well, but my ears did not adjust past 25 feet. I worked through this, but coming back up from 50 feet to 30 feet I got severe vertigo as my ears went through a reverse block. I became very dizzy and disoriented. I finished the dive, but another diver ran out of air and we surfaced quite aways from the boat. This was about 5:45 and we surfaced to one of the coolest sunsets I have seen here. This made the dive worth while, but my head was all messed up and I was sick to my stomach from the reverse block.

On Saturday I did two morning dives with the DECR moving coral. Working dives keep you focused. I am also typically not willing to admit that I don't feel well. So I worked through the fact that I still felt messed up. Saturday was not turning into a fun filled, easy go lucky kind of day.

Work on the mural progressed on Saturday morning. Community involvement has been mixed, but the mural is turning out very well. The idea here was that local artists or people with an interest in the arts would come out and help paint sections of the mural. But the story I like to keep telling is when on Saturday someone pulled up and dropped off their 5-year-old so that he could help paint, and then left.

On Sunday the Canadian veterinarians finished up at the museum and flew home. They completed 125 operations in the week they were here. This included Pounder who got neutered on Saturday. We have been making fun of him all week. Telling him his day was coming and I keep saying "come here girl." This makes me laugh every time.

I was hoping to clean up and put the labs back together, but there were still a dozen dogs who had to stay over night. Some of these dogs were living in conditions where it was not safe for them to go home right away.

Call me a sucker.

Pounder has been very put out by the usurper who is living with us for a few days. He will not come in the house. He also won't be petted.

This morning I left for Provo on a flight at 8:30. I have to go, but without credit cards I cant get a rental car or a hotel room.

At 7:00 I took the little dog out to use the bathroom. There on the ground were two of my credit cards. Further out into the yard I found two more. On the other side of the house I found the wallet. In the neighbors yard I found my driver's license.

Sometime on Saturday Pounder must have found my wallet laying somewhere. You can imagine the rest of the story.


bryanhitch said...

"I've got your come here girl right here" - Pounder (insert picture)

Ted Gibson said...

Just curious, did you give up glue for Lent?