Monday, September 21, 2009

Hanging Around Provo

Yesterday I finally installed the 1999 Our Islands Our Heritage children's art competition exhibit. I have been working on this project since last April, when the artwork was supposed to be framed and hung for two months. I did not get the artwork from the framer until June. Then I put it in the offices of the Department of Culture. In July and again in August when I was on Provo these offices were closed owning to the governmental issues that we have been experiencing.

Last weekend I had a meeting with David Bowen and we went to the Salt Mills Cafe. David and I have been talking about this exhibit since I came across the collection of children's art in the museum storage room more than a year ago. I showed them to David and as we were looking through them he kept saying, "I know her. Hey, she is working at so an so. She just got married."

I said, "Most of these kids were 12 to 14 when they painted this artwork in 1999. They would be in their 20s now. If they are still hanging around we should frame this and exhibit them like an art show." We got a grant and had 30 of the best pieces professionally framed.

We have been looking for a good, accessible venue with lots of foot traffic since then. After our meeting last weekend I called David and said, "Why don't we hang the exhibit at the Salt Mills Cafe?"

Today, we hung the art. I am going to put an interpretive panel together this week. it is very cool.

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