Saturday, January 9, 2010

Horsing Around

We have had wonderful weather since the Harts left. Go figure. This is the last weekend that the Harrisons are on island, though. Shelby has been trying to convince everyone to go horseback riding. Today she got her way.

This morning we went down to the horse excursion area. Shelby, Lucas, and Davis were going to ride, but they had to have a parent so I went as well.

Ok,let me digress for a moment. Yesterday I looked at a website that offered a $20-200 payment to review products on your blog. Really? Like what.

Though it made me think. I love Coke. Which is made by the Coca-Cola Company. What I have found here is that when you don't drink a lot of pop, there is nothing better than an ice cold Coke. Yesterday, I bought five Cokes and put them in the fridge. Tonight I went to get one, and they were all gone. Evidently, Davis and Rory, the new intern(foreshadowing a near future blog), drank them. I was so looking forward to a nice cold glass of Coke at the end of this day. I had to have a talk with Rory about not drinking my Cokes.

Anyway, I don't really review stuff on this blog, that was a freeby. So, the question I am thinking is how should I discuss horse back riding?

The excursion, Horseback Ride and Swim, is $100 off a cruise ship. We paid a little less today. Right now the picture of the horses swimming in the water is on the front page of

I will begin with this: the staff at the excursion was great, very professional and very personable. The excursion went like this: The horse excursion is located right on the beach on the east side of Grand Turk. We waited in an open shelter for the horses to be brought up. Off of the shelter house was a small deck where we easily got on the horses. We rode in a line up one side of the east beach and down the other. Maybe 30-40 minutes. Then they put different saddles on. These saddles were a little better than riding bareback, but just a little. A horse has a very sharp raised backbone. Lets just say this was a little less comfortable than I expected. We rode the horses into the ocean. We went back and forth at a light trot in about five feet of water. No stirrups. The guy just said squeeze your legs tight on the horse. This sounds fun, and looks great in the picture. But I all I could do was concentrate on staying on the horse and keeping my backside from slamming on the horse's backbone.

In the end, I don't think the fun quotient was equal to the price. I don't think I do it again. And I certainly would not pay $100 each for my family to do it.

But Davis loved it. And his picture is probably worth a hundred bucks.

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