Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lion Fish Hunt

Yesterday afternoon we went Lionfish hunting on the reefs in front of our house. I have not been snorkeling on our reef since October maybe. Anyway, the last time I was out I think there were one or two Lionfish. Yesterday we found nine and killed six.

The Lionfish have been an issue here for quite some time. I wrote a blog once about the first time I caught a Lionfish with Dinah. That seems like forever ago now.

I like killing the Lionfish. It feels very manly. I also like eating the Lionfish. They are delicious. A very delicate white fish. I think they are the best tasting fish I have had.

On another point, the first time I ever cleaned a fish was in June 2008. Now gutting, scaling, and preparing six fish is no big deal.

Deneen does not like Lionfish. Actually, she does not like fish. But she thinks the Lionfish are too bony. We do try and kill them when they are small. The smaller the better because this means they have not eaten as many juvenile fish(this invasive species is eating all the fish on our reefs). The small ones are bony, I will admit. But no one else complained. And Lucas liked them a lot. How could you not like them? I mean could you have fresher fish? They were swimming two hours ago.

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