Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year with a Hart

Greg, Deana, Taylor, Lee, and Michael Hart arrived on Grand Turk New Years Eve. They are the first friends who have visited in the two plus years we have been here.

Now I know what you are going to say...Dave Horn visited twice and what about all those people off of cruise ships! Anyone not spending the night does not count. And Dave Horn is somewhere above friend status, didn't I write a whole blog about that?

Anyway, New Years day we had our fist dive of the year. Great dive, and Davis and I saw a huge spotted Eagle Ray.

Then, like everyday this holiday season, we had ships in and I had to work. Over the holidays we have had many, many ships in. We are between visiting staff, and many of my local staff are off island for Christmas and New Years. Our cruise ship programs have finally begun to be successful. Yesterday we had three excursion tours. Today we have three excursion tours. Plus, with three ships in we will have in excess of 100 visitors. This would not be a big deal at most museums, but here, what happens is that all of the visitation comes at once, within the first two hours the ship docks. Today, all three ships docked at 8:00am. This means that all visitation will happen within a small window. It is work to orchestrate everything and top of that I have constant necessity to retrain a staff who were used to seven people a day, on a good day!

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