Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wishing Indy Best of Luck

It is Saturday.

I flew to Provo this morning needing to met up with three people that I missed last week when I was here. All three have something else that came up today. when I bought my ticket last evening I got back in the car and said, "I am going to miss the game, now."

Today is the second weekend of the NFL playoffs. New Orleans plays Arizona this afternoon, and the Indianapolis Colts play the Baltimore Ravens tonight. My all-time favorite team playing my all-time least favorite team. If you remember, the Colts left Baltimore in 1984 and moved to Indianapolis, Hurray! Several years later the Cleveland Browns left Ohio and moved to Baltimore to become the Ravens, Boo!

What a great game this should be, the Colts, led by Peyton Manning, just punching the Ravens right in the face. The only thing that could make this game better was if I could watch it tonight on Grand Turk with Bion, who comes in today. He is from Baltimore and loves the Ravens. I would get a great sense of self-righteous enjoyment watching him have to watch the Ravens get beat by the Colts. It is the great rivalry of the Midwest against the East Coast. Greenbacks against Gold. Farm subsidies against corporate bailouts. While the Colts eat a steady diet of corn and soybeans, I heard that the Ravens eat a steady diet of Christian babies. Hey, that's just what I heard.

But alas, here I sit in a small coffee shop with no game coverage on and with no plans to watch the game, in fact I may have to have a dinner meeting. I could have been swimming, or taken a long walk on the beach. I could have finished a book review, or written an article for the next issue of the Astrolabe. But I am sitting here waiting on a phone call that may never come. Because probably everyone on Provo is at home watching the football games.

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